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Check out Noonameena from the air.

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Zehnder install - 2.jpeg

Following the fires of 2019/2020 and the prolonged and unhealthy smoke that lingered long after, we decided to install a HEPA filter in our Zehnder Q350 HRV.

Read here or download for a detailed report on how it went.

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Results are in for the Melbourne IceBox challenge

17 March

Visit the first Australian Passive House IceBox Challenge website for the dramatic results of thermal performance of the Passive House box.

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PASSIVE HOUSE - swish only for web-1.jpe

Sustainable House Day 2018

15 September

Noonameena showcases Passive house living on Sustainable house day.

‘Noonameena’ in central Victoria near Heathcote has been built to the Passive House Low Energy standard and is open to the public as part of the Worldwide Passive House Open Day program.

Owners John and Kym are pleased to offer you the opportunity to experience first-hand how a thermally efficient, comfortable home feels.


Using 97% less energy for heating and cooling than conventional heating, Passive House principles keep John and Kym toasty warm in winter and cool during the hotter months.


Only 90 minutes from Melbourne, Noonameena offers you an opportunity to learn more about energy efficient building, conveniently close to the Heathcote wine region.


Contact John to arrange a time over the weekend. We look forward to welcoming you to our sustainable home Noonameena!

Principal Consultant John featured on Efficiency Matrix

EcoEvo Design cover the luxurious and key energy efficiency features of this stunningly built home built by Passive House Services. We cover the building envelope features, and blower door testing the home, in order to help people understand what it means to have a high performing building envelope.

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